Benefits of PURO-Floor

  • The PURO-Floor consists of a calf slat and a rubber mat.
  • High animal welfare thanks to rubber
  • Recognized as a welfare floor
  • Anti-slip and compressible rubber mats
  • Good manure passage
  • Slim cassette model
  • Long slots, narrow beams
  • Rubber is easy to clean

Construction of the PURO Floor

Calf slats (type 15099.000)
Especially for veal calves, Anders Beton has developed a slat with longitudinal grooves that combine the manure passage of classic wooden slats with the durability of concrete.

Rubber mat (type KURASB.000
In combination with a rubber mat, this cassette slatted is recognised as a welfare floor in the Netherlands for both rosé and white veal calves. The combination of long slits, narrow beam width and the subtle corrugated profile in the rubber mat ensures an excellent manure passage and thus clean, healthy calves. The rubber top layer also has a square relief pattern, which gives it an anti-slip effect.

The rubber mat is easy to place (later if necessary).

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