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About us


Due to our strong focus on operational excellence, Anders Beton is the reliable partner for every agricultural entrepreneur who invests in quality products with the lowest operating costs.


We strive to maximize customer satisfaction by continuously improving our operational processes and skills. We change our processes only if they increase our efficiency and generate value for our partners and employees. We do not avoid confrontation in the process.

Anders Beton was founded in 1964 in Hoogstraten at the Belgian-Dutch border by farmer's son Korneel "Kees" van der Velden. Shortly after the founding, he came up with the idea of making concrete barn floors. In 1998, Jan van der Velden invested in a new facility in Grobbendonk on the Albert Canal.
Our company grew into the leading market leader in the production of barn floors in Western Europe. Grandson Dominique van der Velden took over the daily management of our company in 2017.

In 2014 it was decided to commercialize under the name Anders Beton. Anders Beton took over the sales activities of Van der Velden Beton. The concrete plants concentrate exclusively on the production of concrete products. In 2019, the sales activities of the Dutch Den Boer Beton were integrated. Meanwhile, the integration of the product range has been implemented. Today's success is due to the constant innovations that not only increase the yield of livestock farmers, but also respond to the increasing requirements for animal welfare and emission standards.
Our products are distributed by a strong sales team and a professional dealer network. Each sales manager is responsible for a local market area. Dealers are located in export markets and are supported from headquarters.

core values



Our partners can count on us. We honour agreements made and rely on mutual respect.


99% of orders are delivered on time.9


We receive a complaint or request for clarification on only 1.50% of orders.


Continuous improvement

We are never satisfied with the existing. We are constantly looking for improvements within our company that can increase our operational efficiency. We are also constantly trying to further develop our products to respond to new trends.


Our R&D department consists of 3 employees and annually develops around 15new concepts. Of these, an average of 3 are introduced to the market.



We strive for an excellent organisation where everyone takes full responsibility and puts the interests of the company first. We excel in day-to-day activities and processes and these form the basis of our market leadership.


Our elaborate strategic plan includes 50 actions per year to lift our business processes to a higher level



We have both feet firmly planted in the agricultural market and work with a horizontal structure in which each manager also fulfils an important operational role. In this way, we guarantee high accessibility within the company and with our partners.


Our sales team has personal contact with more than 2,000 livestock farmersannually


For more than 10 years, we have taken part in over 20 trade fairs and events all over Europe.