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Water tables

Delaval - Plate

Gea - Plate

Lely - Plate

Archo L

Archo M

Foundation beams for PV Carports

Foundation plates PV Parks

XL-Outdoor Terra Tile

Forte industrial plates



Hydro Cross Parking Plates

Hydro Longitudinal Parking Plates

Hydro-Omni Parking Plates

Ventilation slats

AERO-Slat latitudinal slot (670.000 and 672.000)

AERO-Slat longitudinal slot (680.000 and 682.000)

AERO Grilles longitudinal slot (690,000)

Solid gratings (calf farming)

Calving penning

Calf beams

U-Feed alley plates

Finished floorboards (Axle load)


Pre-cast sow wall


Pointed beams


Underslung beams (pig farming)

Cellar plate

Finished floorboards (walkable)

Spherical floor plates for on grid floor

Spherical/sloping floor plates

Rough floors

Beams composite - cast iron slats

Composite farrowing crate grids

Composite piglet slats

Rideable sow grates

Pass grids (pig farming)

Straw pigslats

Combi Pigslats

Pig slats

Piglet slats

Renovation slats

Aisle slats

PORCO-Combi piglet slats

PORCO-Piglet slats

PORCO-Combi slats

PORCO-Sow slats

PORCO-Pig slats

Mixing pit concrete lid

Subsurface beams (cattle farming)


End panels

Deep litter cubicle beds

Cubicle beds

Feed alley slats

Straw slats

Pass grids (cattle farming)

Solid gratings (cattle farming)

Profiled slats


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