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AERO-Slat latitudinal slot (670.000 and 672.000)
AERO-Slat longitudinal slot (680.000 and 682.000)
AERO-Slat longitudinal slot (690.000)
Finished floors
Finished floors
Antislip floors pigs
Sowslats driveable
Piglet slats
Convex floor for use on existing slats
Convex / inclined floors
Combi Pigslats
Composite piglet slats
Composite farrowing unit slats
Deep litter cubicle beds
End panels
Foundation plates
Aisle slats
HYDRO-Green track plates
Calf beams
Calving penning
Mammoth slats
Solid gratings
Mixing pit concrete lid
Beams cattle
Beams for pigs
PORCO-Piglet slats
PORCO-Combi piglet slats
PORCO-Combi slats
PORCO-Pig slats
PORCO-Sow slats
Fit-in slats pigs
Fit-in slats cattle
Cubicle beds
Pre-cast sow wall
Profiled slats
Renovation slats
Rough floors
Cellar plate
Beams composite - cast iron slats
Pointed beams
Straw pigslats
Straw slats
Trewatin WaterTable system
U-Feed alley plates
Pig slats
Ventilation slats
Paving plates
Feed alley slats
Wall & floor plates

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