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Since 1964, Anders Beton has developed into the leading market leader in the production of barn flooring in Western Europe. The success of today is due to the constant innovations that not only increase the profitability of the livestock farmers but also respond to the increasing demands on animal welfare and emission standards. Anders Beton is also active in other markets: food preservation, water management and infrastructure.

In 2014, it was decided to conduct commercialisation under the name Anders Beton. Anders Beton took over the sales activities from Van der Velden Beton. The concrete factories concentrate exclusively on the production of concrete products.

In 2019, the sales activities of the Dutch company Den Boer Beton were integrated. Meanwhile, the integration of the product range has been implemented. Our products are distributed by a strong sales team and a professional dealer network. Each sales manager is responsible for a local market area. The dealers are located in the export markets and are supported from the head office.


Extensive specialisation

Anders Beton

Anders Beton was founded in 1964 in Hoogstraten at the Belgian-Dutch border by farmer's son Korneel "Kees" van der Velden. Shortly after its founding, he came up with the idea of making concrete barn slats. In 1998, Jan van der Velden, Kees' son, invested in a new factory in Grobbendonk near the Albert Canal.

Our company became the market leader in the production of barn slats in Western Europe. Grandson Dominique van der Velden has been taking care of the daily management of our company since 2017.

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Our mission and vision


Due to our strong focus on operational excellence, Anders Beton is the reliable partner for every entrepreneur who invests in quality concrete products with the lowest operating costs.


We strive for maximum customer satisfaction by continuously improving our operational processes and skills. We only change our processes if they increase our efficiency and generate value for our partners and employees. We are not afraid of confrontation.

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Our product categories

Looking for one of our concrete products for cattle, pig or calf farming, food preservation, water control or infrastructure? Click below directly to the right product category.

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Pig farming

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Food preservation

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Our products


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Discover more realisations


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After thorough consultation, Anders Beton, AvT Montage and van Osch decided to enter into a close and strategic partnership.

This collaboration focuses specifically on concrete pen design projects for pig houses in the Netherlands.

Read everything in the attached letter


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