Profiled slats

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Benefits of profiled slats

  • High slip resistance
  • Installed in more than 6.000 barns
  • Standard drivable with tractor
  • Deburred animal-friendly slots
  • Concrete quality C45/55
  • Manual finishing at the factory
  • Also available for renovation

‍Profile gratings
are the standard and reference among concrete gratings. Installed in more than 6,000 dairy barns all over Europe. The profiled top layer offers increased slip resistance. Ask for references in your region.

Factory profiling
Modern dairy barns are well ventilated for optimal barn climate. As a result, concrete floors dry up quickly. The profiles ensure that the floor does not dry up quickly. An in-house developed profiling machine profiles the concrete grids at the factory for optimal results and high durability.

Composition of the Profiled slat

Mammoth grid
The basis of the profile grid is the mammoth grid. The mammoth grating is a rideable bovine spring grating of high quality.

Our vibrated concrete slats are delivered complete with a product certificate and set apart by their premier quality concrete. Using raw materials from the Rhine region combined with our unique vibrating technique, we are able to produce concrete slats with a water/cement factor of ca. 0.40. This means that little processing water is used in the concrete mix, giving our vibrated concrete slats their high concrete quality and excellent manure passage.

Our slats are deburred in our factory as standard. The production process involves the immediate removal from the formwork. This means there is always the possibility of small burrs occurring in the slats. These burrs are removed at source to prevent damage to the cows' hooves.

Slats which can be driven upon are the norm these days. This also applies to our slatted floors which are delivered with a certified axle loading. This is not the same as loading capacity or breaking load, as these do not include any safety factors. If you have any questions regarding the vehicle loading, please contact us.

Profiled top layer

A few days after the production of the mammoth slat, the profile is automatically applied. Profiled slats are supplied with a 10 year warranty on profiling.

Modern dairy barns are well ventilated for an optimum climate. This means that concrete slats dry out quickly. The profiles give more grip and ensure that the floor does not dry out quickly.

Profiled gratings in combination with our ECO Floor

ECO-Floors are often used in waiting areas at milking robots. In collaboration with our customers, we developed a simple solution for a seamless transition between the ECO-Floor and profiled slats. This resulted in the ECO-Profile Transition piece.

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